PhD Best Presentation and Best Poster Awards

The faculty is pleased to announce the PhD Best Presentation Award 2017 and the PhD Best Poster Awards (PhD Symposium March 1-3, 2017) as chosen by the committee and attendees based on technical merit, relevance, originality, knowledge of subject, quality of material, and quality of presentation:

  • PhD Best Presentation 2017 - Alejandro Álvarez Laguna
    “Multi-Fluid Modeling of Magnetic Reconnection in Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas”
  • Best Poster 2017 in the Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics Department - Sara Porchetta“The Effect of the Wave Wind Interaction on the Energy Harvesting of Offshore Wind Turbines”

  • Best Poster2017 in the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department - Tânia Cação Ferreira
    “Influence of Gas-to-wall Temperature ratio on Bypass Transition”

  • Best Poster 2017 in the Aeronautics and Aerospace Department - Joffrey Coheur
    “Uncertainty Quantification of Aerothermal Flow Simulation Through Low-Density Ablative Thermal Protection Materials”

About the PhD Symposium

The eighth symposium on the doctoral research of the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics took place during the period March 1 to 3, 2017. The doctoral students have presented the progress of their research work carried out in the three departments: Aeronautics and Aerospace, Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics, Turbomachinery and Propulsion. In addition to the presentations of the PhD candidates, we had the pleasure to welcome three prominent keynote lecturers who have opened each day the Symposium:    
-Dr. Russell Cummings, Technical Advisor and International Program Officer, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), London, United Kingdom
Critical hypersonic aero-thermodynamic phenomenon: a plan for future research
- Prof. Rodney O. Fox, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Iowa State University, USA
Eulerian models for disperse multiphase flows     
- Dr. Ingrid Lepot, Cenaero, Belgium
Turbomachinery Optimization Research at Cenaero

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