Fernando Miró Miró won the 1st place ICAS John mcCarthy Student Award 17 September 2018
62nd Graduation Ceremony 03 July 2018
Sahadeo Ramjatan awarded 3rd Best Student Oral Presentation at IPWW-15 02 July 2018
QARMAN full-scale spacecraft successfully survived to SCIROCCO test 21 June 2018
Professor Thierry Magin, laureate of a Jean d'Alembert Chair from the University of Paris-Saclay 29 May 2018
20km of Brussels: congratulations to the VKI team 28 May 2018
Flanders’ Space: a strategy for the Flemish Space Industry 18 May 2018
New wind tunnel operating with a Helium-Xenon gas mixture 17 April 2018
Delphine Laboureur appointed as assistant professor in the faculty 13 March 2018
6 FRIA and 2 FWO doctoral fellowships have been awarded to VKI PhD students 30 January 2018
4 FRIA and 4 FWO doctoral fellowships have been awarded to VKI PhD students 15 February 2019
Preparing an human mission to Mars by living in Antarctica 04 December 2017
AIAA Fluid Dynamics Best Paper awarded to Koen Groot (VKI PhD collaborative and TU Delft) 27 November 2017
HERA Master's Thesis Award 2017 has been attributed to Charles Snyers and Pierrick Igot 07 November 2017
NATO Ambassadors visited the von Karman Institute 25 October 2017
NURETH-17 Best Paper awarded to Philippe Planquart 11 September 2017
Physmod 2017 Best Student Presentation Award attributed to Charline Fouchier 30 August 2017
Ivan Padilla Montero, laureate for the best student paper award of EUCASS 2017 Conference 11 July 2017
Industry-University Education MoU – ASTRI 27 June 2017
PhD Best Presentation and Best Poster Awards 22 June 2017
61st Graduation Day and SPARGE 15 June 2017
20 km of Brussels: congratulations to von Karman Institute Team 29 May 2017
QB50 constellation: launch and deployment storyboard 14 March 2017
beSPACE Award 2017 attributed to the QB50 team 13 March 2017
In the memory of Jean Ginoux 06 March 2017
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