beSPACE Award 2017 attributed to the QB50 team 13 March 2017
In the memory of Jean Ginoux 06 March 2017
OPtimized mulTI-fluid plasMA Solver (OPTIMAS) project accepted by PRACE HPC 02 March 2017
A new director at the head of the von Karman Institute 17 January 2017
FWO Grant awarded to Sara Porchetta 19 December 2016
Joint VKI - Waseda meeting: Cryogenics for space applications 19 December 2016
5 FRIA doctoral fellowships have been granted by FNRS 08 December 2016
Dr. Imre Tamás Horváth won the PhD thesis prize of AFVL 19 October 2016
60th Graduation Ceremony 04 July 2016
61st Graduation Ceremony 04 July 2016
1st prize for Gilles Bailet at the IPPW-13 21 June 2016
The Wind Egg Tour 04 May 2016
The Dutch cyclist Jos Van Emden tested his aerodynamic drag in the VKI L1 wind tunnel 25 April 2016
64th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign Bulletin Board 25 April 2016
The von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics announces the Nomination of the New Chairman of the Board of Directors 22 April 2016
Joost Vandendries at VKI 13 April 2016
VKI-AA 2016 Research Travel Grants 03 March 2016
New collaboration between VKI and Fluids & C° 26 February 2016
ASME TURBO EXPO 2015: Committee's Best Paper Award attributed to Ignacio Mayo, Gian L. Gori, Aude Lahalle and Tony Arts 11 January 2016
PhD Public Defense of Bernd Helber / VUB 14 January 2016 / 04:00 PM 04 January 2016
PhD Public Defense of Isil Sakraker / ULg 4 February 2016 / 01:00 PM 04 January 2016
Seven IWT Doctoral Grants for Strategic Basic Research attributed to VKI PhD candidates 22 December 2015
The magazine Science Connection of BELSPO published in its number of December an article about VKI 17 December 2015
Eight PhD fellows from VKI have been recently awarded the prestigious grant FRIA 14 December 2015
EFM2015: Best Presentation Award attributed to Miguel Mendez 09 December 2015
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