62nd Graduation Ceremony

The 62nd graduation ceremony of the Research Master in Fluid Dynamics took place at the von Karman Institute this 29th of June 2018.

The ceremony started with Mr. Peter Grognard, managing director and its introductory remarks.

This was followed by the speech of Mr. Sven Van Loo, chair of the VKI Board of Directors who congratulated the graduates on behalf of the VKI Board of Directors and on behalf of the Belgian Government.

His Excellency the Ambassador François de Kerchove d'Exaerde, on behalf of NATO, stressed the importance of VKI for the NATO countries.

A special presentation has then be done by Orkun Temel, postdoctoral researcher, on the a unique research activity at VKI: Weather prediction on Mars applied to atmospheric methane transport - a study for the ExoMars Mission.

Dr. Georgios Symeonides, European Research Council Executive Agency, Belgium, former Diploma Course student in 1984-1985 and PhD candidate at VKI from 1985 to 1992, postdoctoral research in 1992, shared his experience at the von Karman Institute with the Graduates and underlined the importance of the VKI international network.

Peter Grognard had then the pleasure to announce the awards:

- Andrea Fagnani received the prestigious Theodore von Karman Prize (Plasma testing methodology for demise phenomena analysis).

- The Belgian Government Prize was awarded to Tom De Bruyn (Mixing plane method for adjoint design optimisation of multi-stage turbomachinery components).

- The Prince Alexandre of Belgium Award for the Best Presentation was attributed to Athanasios Margaritis (Development and validation of a computational model for non-equilibrium inductively coupled plasma flow).

- Domenico Fiorini received the prize for Excellence in Experimental Research (Application of the Laser Induced Fluorescence technique in liquid film cooling for rocket engines).

- Adrien Châtel received the prize for Excellence in Numerical Research (Relative wall speed effect on the tip leakage flow in an axial turbine).

Sven Van Loo distributed by alphabetical order their diplomas to the Graduates:

with honours: Yunus Tansu AKSOY, Adrien CHÂTEL, Tom DE BRUYN, Andrea FAGNANI, Domenico FIORINI, Riccardo GRETTER, David HENNEAUX, Athanasios MARGARITIS, Jon MARTÍNEZ, Simão Pedro de Sousa NÓBREGA, Cem Berk ŞENEL, Arthur VANGEFFELEN

and: Firas BEN AMEUR, Alessandro CAPPIELLO, Ana Teresa Sanches CERDEIRA, Eugen CHIRIAC, Deniz FILIZ, Pietro FORMISANO, Sandra Maria Mendes GONÇALVES, Ali Can ISPIR, Georgios KOLLIAS, Nicholas MARTIN, Jong Yoon PARK, Daniela PUORTO, Vincenzo RUSSO, Ozan ŞENMAN, Hakan SERT, Serkan SOLMAZ, Giorgia Valeria VIVIANI

Prof. Mario Carbonaro on behalf of the VKI Alumni Association announced that the Best PhD presentation award of the Phd Symposium 2018 was attributed to Zdeněk ILICH for his work on "Design of experiments to assess non-equilibrium nozzle flow phenomena in the VKI Longshot hypersonic tunnel".

The best poster award was attributed to:

- Adriana ENACHE for her work on “Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Icing Phenomena on Wind Turbines Blades” and to;

- Maxim VAN CAPPELLEN for his work on “Modeling Turbulent Polydispersed Multiphase Flows in Stirring Tanks Reactors”.

The Best collaboration Award of the VKI Alumni Association was attributed to Athanasios MARGARITIS and to David HENNEAUX.

Finally, Mr. Athanasios MARGARITIS, representative of the Research Master students, gave a vote of thanks to the guests.


Mr. Peter Grognard

Mr. Sven Van Loo

His Excellency François de Kerchove

Orkun Temel

Dr. Georgios Symeonides

Mr. Andrea Fagnani

Mr. Tom De Bruyn

Mr. Athanasios Margaritis

Mr. Domenico Fiorini

Mr. Arnaud Châtel

Prof. Mario Carbonaro

Mr. David Henneaux
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