Sahadeo Ramjatan awarded 3rd Best Student Oral Presentation at IPWW-15

The IPWW-15 (15th International Planetary Workshop) International Organizing Committee awarded the 3rd place for Best Student Oral Presentation to Sahadeo Ramjatan for his presentation on "Blackout analysis of Martian renrty missions". The committee bestows this award in support of the exploration of Solar System atmospheres and surfaces using atmospheric entry and descent probes, aerial vehicles, landers, rovers and penetrators. The 15th International Planetary Workshop took place from June 11 to 15 at Boulder, CO, USA.

Abstract of the presentation

The thermo-chemical modeling of CO2 flows is investigated with a focus on modeling the electron density concentration with the objective of examining the hypersonic radio blackout phenomena. Hypersonic CFD simulations are performed over the ExoMars Schiaparelli module with the COOLFluiD platform and subsequently, a Lagrangian method is applied to recompute the electron density along streamlines. Furthermore, a raytracing algorithm is implemented and applied to examine the propagation of electromagnetic waves in the wake flow about the ExoMars vehicle. Results are in good agreement with the flight data.


Sahadeo Ramjatan received his Master's of Science in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida in August 2017. He was on a 1-year BAEF Fellowship period at the von Karman Institute which started last November 2017. He will continue in the VKI collaborative PhD program at the University of Minnesota starting January 2018.

The research presented has been conducted in collaboration with:

- Andrea Lani (VKI / KULeuven)

- Stefano Boccelli (Polytechnic of Milan, VKI);

- Bart Van Hove, Ozgur Karatekin (Royal Observatory of Belgium )

- Jan Thoemel (Gomspace Luxembourg Sarl)

- Thierry Magin (VKI)

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