Word of the director

 Gaele Winters

Mr. Gaele Winters
Director of the von Karman Institute
for Fluid Dynamics as of 16/01/2017

Dear visitor,

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the website of the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics. I would like to share some insights about the VKI with you.

Green technologies such as noise reduction, reduction of pollution (NOX releases) as well as global warming (CO2 release) are the drivers for revolutionary changes in century old industries like aerospace, car industry or energy conversion. New ideas like using micro satellites for in orbit technology demonstration and debris mitigation, advances in new propulsion concepts and qualification of new reusable materials will make future high speed travel affordable.

These are some of the topics that bring young engineers and scientists from all over the world to the von Karman Institute to study, improve their skills and perform their research. Located in Sint-Genesius-Rode near Brussels, this non-profit international educational and scientific organization is specialized in fluid dynamics (flows of liquids, gases and plasmas) in the area of Aeronautics and Aerospace, Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics, and Turbomachinery and Propulsion. The von Karman Institute prides itself in providing "advanced training in research through research".

The VKI acknowledges the sustained support from BELSPO and its international consortium of member states, which has allowed the VKI to reach the present level of competence and its worldwide recognition as a true center of excellence in fluid dynamics.

Gaele Winters
Director of the von Karman Institute


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