Programme of the VKI research master

One of the main programs offered by the Institute is the one-year postgraduate “Research Master in Fluid Dynamics” at the level “Master after Master” (former VKI Diploma Course). Approximately thirty-five engineers and scientists drawn from ten or more countries attend this program. They are offered a wide selection of specialised courses on various aspects of fluid dynamics and are given the opportunity to perform personal research projects under close guidance by members of the faculty. The projects may be experimental, theoretical, or computational in nature. Thus, the VKI Research Master in Fluid Dynamics Course complements,
rather than duplicates, the teaching programs of universities.

The syllabus presents pertinent information regarding the VKI Research Master in Fluid Dynamics Course. Admission and diploma requirements are reviewed first. Then the course syllabus for the current academic year is presented. A description of research activities provides an indication of the diverse possibilities for the individual research project. The major facilities available for the research project are described and a list of the faculty members is included.

Attendees to the VKI Research Master in Fluid Dynamics Course follow a series of lectures entitled "Theoretical and Experimental Fluid Dynamics" described in the syllabus and then make a selection among the three areas of specialisation. Further specialisation in certain fields is also possible. The final program of courses for each attendee is formulated, following discussions with the supervisor.

An essential aspect of the VKI Research Master in Fluid Dynamics Course is the independent research project. A list of suggested projects appears in a later section of the syllabus.

PDFThe Course Syllabus & Research Projects 2018-2019 is downlodable in pdf (this syllabus is prepared to be printed in recto-verso)

The VKI Research Master in Fluid Dynamics comprises a balanced combination of classroom lectures and individual research.

Attendees select one of the areas of specialisation and follow the courses therein, adding optional courses to their program if they so desire. Attendees are allowed a certain flexibility in the selection of their course program. The final curriculum will be decided after consultations with the Institute's Faculty and will involve a minimum of 30 ECTS (*) of courses outlined in the syllabus and 30 ECTS for an independent research project.

Faculty members will assist attendees in selecting an appropriate research project. The individual research project will be weighted with a factor of nearly two compared to the performance in course work.

The VKI Diploma will be awarded to attendees who, in the opinion of the faculty, achieve a mark of at least 60% in both course work and the research project.


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