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Joint VKI research master/ National graduate programs

The program is a two year (21 month) combined Master of Science and VKI research master awarded by Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) or Kansas University (Kansas, USA) and the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (Brussels, Belgium), respectively, involving a twelve month residency at Rutgers University or at Kansas University followed by a nine month residency at the von Karman Institute. The participants are the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University (hereinafter, Rutgers University) or at Kansas University and the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (hereinafter, the VKI).

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Objective: The objective of the program is to develop educational and research collaboration between the VKI and the University. A key element of the program is close collaboration between faculty at the VKI and the University.

Financial Support: Rutgers University provides one year (30 credits) tuition remission and a one year fellowship. The VKI provides tuition remission for the VKI research master  and a nine month fellowship. The University and the VKI reserve their individual rights to limit the number of awards. The commitment for financial awards by the VKI and the University are made at the same time. Eligibility for the financial awards requires the student remain in Good Standing as described below.

Eligibility: Applicants must be US citizens who will have completed a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical and/or Aerospace Engineering prior to matriculation in the program.

Criteria for Selection: The criteria for selection are undergraduate grade point average, Graduate Record Examination scores (Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical), letters of recommendation and personal statement.

Applications Process: The application to the combined program is submitted to the University, which in turn will forward the application to the VKI. Applications are reviewed by the respective Admissions Committees of the University and the VKI. Admission to the combined program is decided at the time of the initial application, and requires an affirmative decision of the VKI and the University.

The program is offered once a year, starting in the Fall semester. The deadline for applications is March 1.

Good Standing: Students must maintain a cumulative average of B (3.0 out of 4.0) in their courses, and an S (satisfactory) in research activity, during the programme to remain eligible for continued participation in the program. Student status is evaluated at the end of the first and second semesters and subsequent summer at Rutgers University.

Residency: Participants are in residence at the US University for twelve months (one academic year plus one summer) and at the VKI for nine months.

Advisors: Each student is assigned two advisors, one each from the faculties of the University and the VKI. The advisors collaborate in directing the student's academic program. It is expected that the advisors are themselves engaged in a research collaboration. The advisor of the University is a member of the dissertation committee for the VKI dissertation.

Courses: Students take a total of 30 credits of courses at the University in the Fluid Mechanics option during the fall and spring of the first year. The courses are selected in consultation with the student's advisors. Students in another option in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University may also eligible for the program subject to approval by the University and the VKI. During the second year, students follow the courses of the VKI research master program.

Research: During the fall semester of the first year, the student prepares, in consultation with both advisors, a summary research program describing the statement of work and anticipated milestones in the research. It is expected that the problem definition phase, literature survey and (possibly) preliminary research results will be performed at the University. Course work will constitute the majority of the student's activity at the University, and research will be the primary focus of the student's activity at the VKI.

Fulfillment of Degree Requirements: The Master of Science degree requirements from the University are 30 credits of courses as defined in the Graduate Catalog and a thesis. The dissertation prepared at and accepted by the VKI for the VKI research master will be accepted for fulfillment of the thesis requirement at the University. The VKI research master requirements from the VKI are the satisfactory completion of course work, selected according to the individual's background and requirements, and an individual research as represented by a dissertation approved by the student's dissertation committee.

For further information, contact: 
Prof. Doyle Knight
Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey
98 Brett Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8058
Phone: (732)445-4464
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Prof. Saeed Farokhi
Dept of Aerospace Engineering
Kansas University
2004 Learned Hall
Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
Phone: 785 864 2966
Fax: 785 864 3597
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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