Previous Research Master Members

You can find here the list of the previous Research master members (former Diploma Course) from 2000 until now in the Turbomachinery and Propulsion department.

Research Master Members 2016-2017:

  • Ezgi Anik: Centrifugal compressor design and off-design analysis
  • Diederik Beckers: Multi-domain B-spline coupling for turbomachinery application
  • Nour Cherkaoui: Numerical assessment of the instable operative behaviour of a state-of-the-art low pressure compressor stage
  • Isa Kavas: restricted
  • Marek Páty: restricted
  • Riccardo Rubini: Numerical study of the effect of the gas to wall temperature ratio on the bypass transition
  • Davide Scandella: Design of a burner simulator for aerothermal turbine testing
    Awarded Belgian Government Prize
  • Dimitra Tsakmakidou: Aerothermal characteristics of rotating cooling channels
  • Nikolaos Vasilakopoulos: Influence of gas-to-wall temperature ratio on bypass transition

Research Master Members 2015-2016:

  • Arnaud Châtel: The development of an OpenFOAM simulation environment for turbomachinery applications
  • Maxim de Pret Roose de Calesberg: Design of a highly loaded hgh pressure turbine
  • Ugurtan Demirtaş: The aerodynamic flow field investigation inside a total pressure multi-hole probe head using numerical methods
  • Tania Sofia Cacao Ferreira: restricted
  • Ruzbeh Hadavandi: Experimental investigation of the inlet flow field on a highly loaded single stage low pressure axial compressor
  • Diego Marco García: Experimental investigation on rotor tip flows
  • Koray Sevinç: RANS based aerothermal optimization of helically ribbed cooling channels

Research Master Members 2014-2015:

    • Valeria Andreoli: restricted
      Valeria Andreoli received the Excellence in Numerical Research
    • Fabio Bigoni: Numerical study of transition in low pressure turbine blades
    • Elissavet Boufidi: Time-resolved velocity measurements in the wake of a low-pressure turbine blade, at low Reynolds and high Mach number
      Elissavet Boufidi has received the von Karman Prize
    • Artur João Carvalho Batista Soares de Figueiredo: Development and characterisation of fast-response probes for thermal measurements in high-speed turbomachinery
    • Bogdan Cezar Cernat: restricted
    • Nicolas Habotte: Analysis of the stall inception process of a 1,5 stage booster
    • Nadège Henault: Multidisciplinary optimization of a transonic fan blade considering cold-to-hot transformation
    • Felix Kauth: Integration and optimization of an axial compressor design process
    • Ernesto Pedraza-Valle: Characterization of a high-lift low-pressure turbine cascade wake by means of time resolved pressure measurements
    • Alessio Scheri: The development of a test facility for turbochargers
    • Marco Virgilio: restricted

Research Master Members 2013-2014:

        • Özge Ateş: Experimental study on turbulent heat transfer measurments with liquid crystal technique in a ribbed tube
        • İbrahim Eryılmaz: Preliminary design and off-design optimization of a single stage axial compressor
        • David González Cuadrado: Development of fast-response heat transfer instrumentation for over-tip flow research in turbines
        • Gian Luca Gori: Experimental flow field investigation on the effects of Coriolis and buoyancy forces in an internal cooling channel
        • Aude Lahalle: Heat transfer measurements in a rotating cooling channel by means of liquid crystals at high Reynolds and rotation numbers
          Aude Lahalle won the Best Collaboration Award from VKI Alumni Association
        • Francesco Guido Ornano: Design and analysis of supersonic nozzles exposed to detonation
        • Nándor Pallag: Unsteady numerical analysis of the performance and stability of a low pressure axial compressor
        • Jorge Saavedra García: Implications of boundary layer establishment on convective heat transfer experiments
        • Sebastian Willeke: Adjoint optimization of an internal cooling channel U-bend
          Sebastian Willeke won the Theodore von Karman prize

Research Master Members 2012-2013:

        • Giuseppe Bianchi: Use of electrical discharges to control supersonic flows
        • Nuno Da Costa Vinha: not available 
        • Gulia Dell’Era: Analysis of unsteady pressure measurements in a high speed axial compressor
        • Elena García Ortiz: not available   
        • Cécile Geiler: Multidisciplinary optimization of a radial compressor   
        • G. Grasso: Multidisciplinary optimization of a contra-rotating fan (VKI L-1 wind tunnel)   
        • F. Kutlu Barkın : Thermo acoustic investigation of the cavity flow between stator and rotor of a HP turbine stage   
        • Roberto Tomassini: Development of a combined blade tip timing and blade tip clearance measurement technique based on magnetoresistive sensing element   
        • Tobias Willeke: Aerodynamic optimization using adjoint methods
        • Julien Clinckemaillie: Aerodynamic performance of turbine rear vanes   
        • Robbi Luccioni: not available 
        • Daniele Rodriguez Calvete: Numerical investigation of two-phase flow cavitation in safety relief valves using OpenFoam   

Research Master Members 2011-2012:

        • Cis De Maesschalck: Experimental and numerical analysis of overtip turbine flow towards blade tip redesign
        • Jorge Fernandes Lopes de Sousa: Optical techniques applied to direct and inverse heat flux measurements for propulsion application
        • Fabrizio Fontaneto: Aero-thermal of a film cooled guide vane
        • José Maria Gómez Palomino: Accurate and high resolution temperature measurements for axial compressor performance testing
        • Maria Chiara Iorio: Turbine airfoil design for supersonic pulsating flow
        • Orçun Kor: The Measurement of turbulence with fast response aerodynamic probes
        • Juan Ramón Llobet Gómez: Low Reynolds prediction of the flow in low pressure turbines
        • Gianbattista Dario Natale: Multidisciplinary optimization of a contra-rotating fan / VKI L1 wind tunnel
        • Ignacio Rodríguez Miranda: Modeling, analysis and optimization of the air turbo rocket expander engine
        • Ernesto Sozio: Design-optimization process of innovative axial turbines
        • Can Tümer: Effect of Coriolis forces on shear layer stability in rotating flows

Research Master Members 2010-2011:

        • Sercan Acarer: Two-dimensional hot-wire anemometry in high speed flow
        • César Ballestros: Steady and unsteady pressure measurements for turbine and combustion applications
        • Alberto Bastida Cruz: Unsteady pressure signal processing and analysis
        • Glauco Bonfanti: Development of oil dot visualization technique for wall shear stress measurement
        • Galina Ilieva: not available
        • Roberto Maffulli: Preliminary design and opmtimization of a contra-rotating turbine
        • Ignacio Mayo Yagüe: Design of a versatile internal cooling rotating section to be applied to canonical shear flows
        • Lasse Mueller: Multidisciplinary optimization of a turbocharger radial turbine
          Lasse Mueller has received both Excellence in Numerical Research Prize and Prince Alexandre of Belgium Award for Best Presentation Prize.
        • Pablo Rocandio Durán: Airfoil base region control with dielectric barrier discharge
        • Peter Schreivogel: Surface pressure measurements for transition research in supersonic flow

Research Master Members 2009-2010:

Diploma Course Members 2008-2009:

Diploma Course Members 2007-2008:

Diploma Course Members 2006-2007:

Diploma Course Members 2005-2006:

Diploma Course Members 2004-2005:

DE LA LOMA RODRIGUEZ Andres: Turbine rotor heat transfer measurements using double-layered thin film gauges
DI SANTE Alberto: Low Reynolds number flow with heat transfer in rotating channels
FORTUGNO Eugenio Maria: Accurate turbine efficiency measurements in a blow-down facility
JEREZ FIDALGO Vicente: Numerical investigation of the clocking in one and a half stage HP transonic turbine 
KOWALSKI Steven: Multipoint optimization of a 3D radial compressor impeller 
LEGRAND Mélanie: Conjugate heat transfer investigation in an internal cooling channel with ribs at 45 deg
MAFFIONE Donato Alessandro: Improvement of doppler global velocimetry at von Karman Institute 
MUSTA Mustafa Nail: Aerothermal effects of film cooling on a squealer tip geometry of a gas turbine blade
VAN DE WYER Nicolas: Experimental study and frequency response optimization of infinite line pressure probes for application in aeroengine testing

Diploma Course Members 2003-2004:

        • AGOSTINI Francesco: Conjugate heat transfer investigation of rib-roughened cooling channels
        • EICHINGER Sandor: Development of inverse design method for incompressible flow
        • GARCZYNSKA Magdalena: Testing of high lift/high load turbine blade
        • LOTTERMAN Jeffrey: Improvement of 1D radial turbine off-design prediction model by means of numerical experiments
        • OKSUZ Ozhan: Aerothermal investigation of turbine tip gap flows
        • PACENZA Alessio: Effect of roughness induced transition in a very high lift low pressure turbine cascade
        • PANARA Daniele: Quasi-3D unsteady numerical investigation of clocking effects in 1&1/2 stage transonic turbine
        • SOLANO FERNANDEZ Juan: 2D data reduction technique for turbine blade heat transfer measurements performed with two-layered thin film gauges
        • SOLER SAMPERI Damian: has attended the course
        • YASA Tolga: Velocity and turbulence measurements in a 15 stage transonic turbine

Diploma Course Members 2002-2003:

        • Pavel Antos: Velocity and turbulence measurements in a blowdown turbine test rig
        • Elisabetta Caloni: Numerical investigation of the unsteady flow field in one and a half stage hp transonic turbine
        • Roberto Fedrizzi: Aero-thermal investigation of rib-roughened internal cooling channels
        • Javier Gadea: Clocking effect on the time-averaged and time-resolved pressure field of a second stator in a transonic turbine
        • Nicole Key: Aerothermal aspects of tip flows
        • Krzysztof Kostrzewa: Optimization of radial turbine by means of design of experiment
        • Silvia Martinez: Multipoint optimisation of a 2D compressor with splitters for a micro-gas turbine application
        • Juan Borja Mateos Prieto: Experimental study of unsteady turbine blade trailing edge flow
        • Nicola Mitaritonna: Effect of roughness induced transition in a very high lift low pressure turbine cascade
        • Oscar Pozo: Design study of helium compressor for a direct cycle gas cooled nuclear power-plant
        • Michele Vascellari: Design of a high pressure turbine stage with reduced rotor/stator interaction
        • Vassilios Xezonakis

Diploma Course Members 2001-2002:

        • Nicolas Billiard: Heat transfer measurements using multi-layer thin-film gauges
        • Kirk Gallier: Investigation of a low cost piezosensitive pressure transducer for time-resolved measurements
        • Roberto Garcia Casado: Aerothermal performance of an internal cooling channel with 45 degrees inclined ribs
        • Hüseyin Gökmen Aksoy: Unsteady incompressible flow in pump impeller with outlet distortion
        • Nicolas Hanosset: Transition control on LP turbines at low Reynolds number
        • Régis Houtermans: Experimental study of a very high lift low pressure turbine blade in the C-1 wind tunnel
        • Torsten klein: Implementation of the one-equation turbulence model of Spalart & Allmaras in the cfd programme Traf2d
        • Luca Porreca: Determination of the efficiency of a cooled turbine tested in a compression tube facility
        • Paolo Vanacore: Multipoint optimisation of a radial compressor low solidity vaned diffuser using an artificial neural network, a genetic algorithm, and a 3-D Navier-Stokes solver

Diploma Course Members 2000-2001:

      • Ali Cem Böge: Effect of surface roughness on performances of LP turbine blades at low Reynolds numbers
      • Pieter Breugelmans: Investigation of the tip gap region of a turbine blade
      • Luca Casarsa: Internal cooling channel velocity field investigation by means of particle image velocimetry
      • Laurent De Vito: A novel viscous inverse design method: blending a Navier-Stokes solver for the analysis with a Euler solver for the design
      • Giuseppe Frati: Analysis of the transient inlet flow field to the CT3 turbine test rig
      • Igor Galvan-Nunez: Assesment on the use of a laser to determine the thermal product of thin film gauge substrates
      • Burak Kaplan: Fast response pressure measurements behind a compressor rotor
      • Manuel Oropesa: Steady and unsteady temperature field downstream of a high pressure turbine
      • Olivier Tuot: Optimisation of a three-dimensional axial pump using an artificial pump using an artificial neural network, a genetic algorithm and a Navier-Stokes solver
      • Árpàd Veress: Inverse design on return flow channel for multistage radial compressor
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