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Upcoming Lecture Series / Events

Aug 20th - Aug 23rd, 2017
13th International Conference on Gas–Liquid and Gas–Liquid–Solid Reactor Engineering (GLS-13)
Other event
Sep 18th - Sep 20th, 2017
Multiphysics phenomena analysis on boundary layer stability in hypersonic regime - STO-AVT-289
STO / AVT Lecture Series
Oct 9th - Oct 14th, 2017
Introduction to Measurement Techniques
VKI Lecture Series
Oct 23rd - Oct 25th, 2017
Introduction to Stability and Transition Analysis Methods - SSEMID
VKI Lecture Series
Nov 6th - Nov 8th, 2017
Introduction to Ground Testing Facilities
VKI Lecture Series
Jan 22nd - Jan 26th, 2018
Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
VKI Lecture Series
Jan 29th - Feb 2nd, 2018
Radial Compressor Design and Optimization
VKI Lecture Series
Mar 5th - Mar 7th, 2018
Symposium of VKI PhD Research 2018 - FREE REGISTRATION
VKI conferences
Mar 12th - Mar 17th, 2018
Shallow water physics
VKI Lecture Series
Mar 19th - Mar 20th, 2018
Introductory course to OpenFOAM®
Other event
Mar 21st - Mar 21st, 2018
OpenFOAM® general programming
Other event
Mar 22nd - Mar 22nd, 2018
4th Workshop of Belgian OpenFOAM®
Apr 23rd - Apr 27th, 2018
Introduction to optimization and multidisciplinary design
VKI Lecture Series
May 14th - May 17th, 2018
Large Eddy Simulation. Theory and Applications
VKI Lecture Series
May 28th - Jun 2nd, 2018
Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Fluid Dynamics
VKI Lecture Series
Sep 17th - Sep 22nd, 2018
Biomass pyrolysis: from fundamental process modeling to industrial biorefinery application pyrolysis
VKI Lecture Series
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